Papa John's is on a quest to find out the fan favorites. Get in the game and make your selections now. Be one of the first 1,000 voters and get a free 2-Liter Pepsi-Cola product with purchase.
MOST VALUABLE PIZZA (MVP) - It's a head-to-head showdown for the title.

Cheese Pizza

Choose Cheese. The veteran player in our dinner line-up.


Pepperoni Pizza

Pick Pepperoni. The topping that started it all.


ONE TO WATCH - Who will Deliver The Game Winning Reception

New Double Cheeseburger Pizza

Our #1 rookie sensation.


Chipotle Chicken & Bacon Pizza

Destined for the Hall of Fame.


SPECIAL TEAMS - Which Veteran Player Will Be The Fan Favorite

Garlic Sauce

Easy choice. America's favorite dip.



Extra Kick. The player you can’t live without.


This Broncos Wide Receiver wants a classic with a bit of kick. That's why he can't pass on a Papa John's pepperoni pizza with a side of banana peppers.
This Seahawks Safety has Team Cheese covered. He knows that a Papa John's cheese pizza is the safety choice for game day.
This ESPN football analyst recognizes a breakout star when he sees one. That's why he knows the Double Cheeseburger Pizza is the "one to watch" on game day.
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